Goals and Objectives

The Tacoma/Pierce County DUI Victim’s Information Panel is a Not-for-Profit corporation that was established in July 1991.This is an informational website designed to help you and you family through your difficult time. Helping you is what we are designed to do, please contact us if you are a victim or family member of a victim of an Impaired Driver crash, and would like to get involved or if you would like a brochure about our panel.

The objectives of the information panels are three-fold:

  1. To provide education to the public through community presentations held in schools, military bases, and community events.
  2. To provide education and information to subjects and family members who are facing alcohol, drug, and other court cases (both court ordered and non-court ordered)
  3. To assist victims and the families of victims who have been impacted due to the affects of impaired driving and crashes.