Tacoma Pierce County



The Tacoma Pierce County DUI Victims Information Panel is a Not-for-Profit corporation supported by County, District and Municipal Court Judges, the District Court Probation Office, and the Pierce County Bar Association. It is recognized by all Washington State Courts, Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington State DUI Victims’ Panel Coalition as a certified provider of DUI Victims Panels.  RCW 10.01.230 Panel Minimum Standards states that each panel must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Must address the effects of driving while impaired and alternatives to drinking and driving and drug use and driving
  • Must have at least two different speakers, one of whom is a victim survivor of an impaired driving crash, to present their stories IN PERSON.
  • Shall use in-person speakers for each presentation for a minimum of sixty minutes of presentation and may supplement the in-person presentations with prerecorded videos, but in no case shall the videos shown exceed fifteen (15) minutes of the presentation.
  • Shall charge a reasonable fee to all persons required to attend, unless otherwise ordered by the court.
  • Shall have a policy to prohibit admittance of anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose actions or behavior are otherwise inappropriate.

Impaired drivers can’t accurately assess their own impairment – which is why no one should drive after using any impairing substances, including prescription and over-the-county medicines. Remember, if you feel different, you drive different.

The Panel is known nationwide as being one of the best. We provide non-judgemental education and information to subjects and family members who are facing alcohol, drug, and other court cases (both court ordered and non-court ordered.)

Our goals are to provide the very best Victims’ Information Panel possible, to help victims and their families, and to educate our community about the crime of DUI and the dangers of driving impaired.