We offer a non-judgemental and informative DUI Victims panel

We follow the DUI Victim Panel guidelines enacted by the Washington State Legislature in 2011 and we are also certified by the Washington State DUI Victims Panel Coalition. We are recognized by other U.S. Court Systems as one of the best in the nation.

Our panels are different than most others in that ALL of the speakers have had their lives changed forever by DUI or Impaired Driving Collisions. They have either lost a loved one due to a DUI crash, received life changing injuries, or they were the cause of a DUI incident that forever changed their lives.

Our speakers volunteer their time and share their stories in hope that they will make a difference and may save others from having to suffer the lifelong impacts from a single decision to drive impaired. Our speakers are not professional speakers, in fact most have never spoken in public, but their message is so important that they speak from their hearts because they care.

Driving while impaired by any substance – legal or illegal- puts everyone on the road in harm’s way.  At our panels the offenders learn about the latest statistics on drug and alcohol driving, misconceptions and falsehoods about marijuana use, and it’ s effects on one’s driving abilities.  Driving impaired is a choice and it is our hope that by attending our panel, those in attendance might learn what they can do to make smarter choices to drive safely.